Nearshore Manufacturing Operation in Mexico Offers Many Benefits

When you’re talking about nearshore manufacturing operations in Mexico the key is location, location, location! The proximity to the US border can’t be beat, in Baja California alone, there are 6 border crossings, two of which are set up for major commercial traffic. And that’s not all.

Putting manufacturing operations nearshore in Mexico, Baja California, as opposed to offshore in China or other far flung countries, also gives companies nearby access to four airports, an international railroad line, and two commercial seaports that offer worldwide shipping capabilities.


And the region is well established with all the infrastructure and support systems needed to provide successful operations. In Tijuana and Mexicali alone there is over 83 million sq. ft. industrial space in Mexicali and Tijuana. It also has the added nearshore benefit of Mexico being in a similar time zone as the US and Canada unlike the 13 hour difference between the states and China.